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Running a small business is challenging enough without having to worry about theft and employee dishonesty. Did you know that according to the SBA (Small Business Administration) over 60% of small business failure is due to employee theft and dishonesty! According to the Dept. of Commerce employee dishonesty costs $50 billion annually
The University of Florida in a national survey reports that 42% of a companies shrinkage is due to employee theft. Who is watching your business when you are not there? We can help you design a loss prevention plan to reduce your shrinkage, control access through your facility and increase your bottom line!
Government agencies have special needs to consider, especially since 9/11. We can help with the design of integrated security solutions to help protect and reduce these threats againt our government.
The most important aspect of life is your family. Let Lyon Security show you how you can protect your family against the threat of Fire, Burglary, and Medical emergencies!